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Our Product And Services

Compulsory Saving:   This saving is compulsory for our member. Member can deposit minimum 100-500 rupees in each month depending upon the class of group. And we provide the interest rate of 7.5 % per year for this saving.

Personal Savings:   Every members of our company can have personal account and can save the money at 7.5 % per year. During monthly meeting Member can deposit minimum 5 ruppes to more amount with their choices. Tha account should be maintained at least Rs. 100 by the member.

Nari Bachat Savings:   Our member can deposit their amount in this type of saving if they want to get higher interest rate. This deposit is provided with 7.5% interest rate.

Pension & Education Fund Saving:   Member can open this type of account for the period of 10 or 15 years for future security and educational purpose. This saving is compulsory and member should deposit minimum 10-200 rupees during regular monthly meeting. If member do not deposit regularly in the fixed period for upto 10 or 15 years,then they get only 5% interest rate for their remaining saving to this type of account.


Recurring Deposit:    This type of saving is also like Pension and Education Fund Saving.Member are allowed to open account for 10 or 15 years. Currently new members are not allowed to opend this account. The interest rate for this saving is 8.5 % annually .

Child Education Saving:    This type of saving is opened for the children of the members in order to utilize the saved amount in education in near future of their child. Currently the rate of this type of saving is 7.5% annually .

Samudayik Bishesh Saving:    This is one of the special saving product of this organization in which our members can deposit their saving at higher interest rate for certain period of time. The interest rate for this saving is 10% annually .

Center Welfare(Upakar)Fund Savings:    This type of fund is for maintaining discipline in the group and center. Mostly this type of saving is used for members mutual benifits such as center group meeting management,stationery, mat and chakati etc whatever they decide as need. This saving has interest rate of annual 7.5 % .

General Loan:   General loan is given to member for various income generating business like agro-based,service based,trades,and small and cottage industries etc.

Maximum ceiling of this type of loan amount 200000 can be disbursed to each member on the basis of group guarantee. It has 15% rate(changeble) which is in decreasing rate.

Each member can get first loan of amount of Rs. 100000 for the purpose of Cow/Buffalo farming for milk production. Loanee member should pay in monthly installment basis in the meeting held places. This type of loan has the tenure upto 36 months.

Seasonal Loan:   Seasonal loan is also group based micro loan which is given to those members having general loan as addition. This type of loan is specially given for seasonal business and income generating activities. Maximum limit of this type of loan is 30000 rupees. It has 15% decreasing rate. Seasonal loan can be repaid with one year maturity date by installments as general loan.

Sahuliyat Loan:   Sahuliyat loan has been created specially for those members household who were affected by massive earthquakes occured. This type of loan is given for making homes to the members household affected.Normal rate for this loan is 13%.

Micro-Enterprise Loan:   Micro-Enterprise Loan is given to those member who does the business professionally in any kind of purposes such as animal husbandry(cow, buffalo, goat, pig, poultry,fish, he-goats, he-buffaloes etc.), vegetable farming, trade businesses, small and cottage industry, any kind of machinery purchase(rickshaw,bamboo products, pump sets, factory, workshops, pushing carts and rental-based services).

Member should open personal saving account compulsorily and save Rs. 3000 average balance for this loan. The members having well disciplined,punctual and regular in center meeting are eligible for this kind of loan.

First loan amount is 100000, second loan is upto 150000, third loan is upto 200000, fourth loan is upto 300000 and fifth and maximum limit is upto 400000. The rate is 15% in decreasing.

Dhito(Collateral) Loan:   Micro-Enterprise loan is specially based on collateral as the members need more loan for developing their business more. This type of loan makes members be professional. Maximum limitation of loan amount is upto 7 lakhs for group member and 15 lakhs for the member who has been utilizing loan since 2 years and that member belongs to Group A. The rate is 15 % per year.

Foreign Employment Loan :   The members' family can get this type of loan for foreign employment. As this is collateral based loan they get up to 1 million loan after approvement from branch as well as central office.

Samudayik Bisesh Karja Sapati :   The members can get this type of loan at the rate of 11%. They get 80% of the saving amount they have in their Samudayik Bisesh Saving account.

Kailashnath Karja Sapati :   The members can get this type of loan at the rate of 12%. They get 4 times of the saving amount they have in their Kailashnath Saving account.

Our Saving and Loan Interest Rates:  Download Interest Rates

International Money Express(IME):   We have started IME remittance system in branches so that you can send and receive your hard earned money from our branches.

Himal Remittance:   We are also serving our customers through Himal Remit.

City Express:   We also provide service to our member through city express money transfer.

Western Union Money Transfer:   We serve our customers by western union money transfer as receiver.

Life Insurance:   All member are provided with Insurance facility(Gramin Myadi Bima) according to their wish. Member should deposit Rs. 100 to get this facility. This insurance is coordinated among the Reliable Life Insurance, Neco insurance and Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd.